Weeks before graduation, a high school senior confronts her abusive

mother and wrestles with whether forgiveness is possible.

Our Story

Shot in the summer of 2022, Stockton to Table Rock is a labor of love for a large collection of Boise artists. The script was honed over the course of three years, and when it was time for production, a cast and crew of over 60 volunteered to bring the project to fruition. 

Producer and lead actor, Zoe Kelly, shepherded the film from its inception. With Stockton to Table Rock, she wanted to evoke the great coming-of-age movies from the past half century (The 400 Blows, Dazed and Confused, Lady Bird) while striking a new path for the genre. Using events from her own life, she concocted a truly original tale about toxicity: a co-dependent mother and daughter whose love/hate relationship keeps them in constant orbit.   

Main Cast and Crew

Zoe Kelly


Jessica Morris 


Gabrielle Lenberg 


Brooke Burton

"Ms. Laird"

Elliot Norton


Chuck Norton

Producer/Sound Design

Daniel Klamerus


Jesse Blake Rundle


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